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Adrienne Martha Barrientos 6:07
Which Ivy League schools would you say are the best for scientific degrees?
Sharon Lin 6:07
Most of the Ivies are strong across the board, but if you have a specific field of science you want to study, I encourage you to look up college rankings/past student reviews/school descriptions for their specific departments.
Amelia Lewis 6:07
Are there any websites or resources that you recommend to be able to revise for the ACT or SAT?
Sharon Lin 6:07
The official ACT/College Board websites are pretty good for general test prep. I personally had success with Kaplan for the SAT, although I also used Princeton Review for some of my subject tests. Barron's is probably the best for most APs.
Jaden Jeudy 6:07
I’m planning on being a doctor. What can I do to get an Ivy League schools? How can I stand out?
Sharon Lin 6:07
That's fantastic! If you're interested in medical sciences, try shadowing doctors at a hospital nearby or pursuing clinical research. I'd also recommend checking out HOSA, or a future doctors career organization to learn more about becoming a medical student.
Michal Miller 6:07
What can you do to improve your ACT to the Ivy League standard?
Sharon Lin 6:07
Study! I didn't personally take the ACT, but if you can form a study group or purchase a book of past problems, it will definitely help. Taking past tests has always been my go-to strategy.
Sakshi Rambhia 6:07
There isn't much time left until my college application deadline, can you give any last minute advice to improve my chances?
Sharon Lin 6:07
At this point, keep up your grades, visit the colleges you've gotten into, work on getting financial aid and scholarships, and enjoy senior year! Don't stress out too much about things - you've worked hard and should celebrate your achievements!
Kelly Nguyen 6:07
Is it stressful studying in an Ivy League university? How did you cope with the stress?
Sharon Lin 6:07
This depends largely on your major and school. Some schools do require more work than others (engineering students are notorious for requiring many more hours of homework than other majors.)
Leyla Mammadova 6:07
I'm from another country and I was wondering how hard it is for a foreigner to get into an Ivy League school?
Sharon Lin 6:07
Usually, there are smaller quotas for international students at Ivies. Definitely apply if you can, but the percentage of international students who are admitted is definitely smaller.
Sarah Song 6:07
What would stand out more in a college application, if you were passionate about several activities or focused just on one?
Sharon Lin 6:07
Don't spread yourself too thin. Most colleges prefer a "pointy" student than a generalist. Try to identify your passions and pursue them deeply, as opposed to spreading yourself across multiple areas.
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