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Date March 6, 2017
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Mobile Development with Alex Bredy

Would you like to know how to make your own iOS or Android app? By building a mobile app you have the opportunity to reach huge numbers of people and leave a lasting impact on the world. It’s not easy creating an app that stands out from the many that flood the app stores; here our mentor Alex Bredy gives you pointers on how to get started and hone your skills.

"You have to ask yourself, what is special about my app? That’s what you have to focus on"

How long have you been into making mobile apps? —Rachit A

About 3 years. I’ve been developing mobile apps ever since Swift came out a few years ago.

It has certainly became much easier to get into mobile development today than it was even 3 years ago.

Technology is changing at such incredible and so are the tools that are used to develop apps, making it easier to find information on how you can build your own app.

What apps, have you worked on that I may have heard of? —Lucy CK

I’ve actually developed Goodwall’s iOS and Android apps with a team of 3 other people! It was a blast!

How exactly did you do it? How do you make apps? —Alison S

There are many ways of developing one! Some easiers than other. It depends on your needs. If for example you are skilled with Javascript, you can create a native app in almost no time. Whilst with tools like React Native it’s relatively easy to master it if you follow the instructions step by step.

You have to ask yourself, what is special about my app? That’s what you have to focus on, keep things very simple and concentrate on a functions that provide the core value of your app. Everything else should be secondary at this stage.

What would you say is a good language to use if you've just started to learn about programming? —Syed ZS

I would go for Javascript, as it allows you to build any kind of program. It’s relatively easy to pick up and gives you a big range of feature you can play around with.

What apps should a beginner build in order to get started? —Divya S

You could try building some apps that don’t require any server side coding, such as a Notes app.

Here are some great tutorials for you to get started:

Great tutorials for those who want to develop on iOS app

And for Android apps

Ray Wenderlich has great tutorials for any kind of mobile development

Even for Unity! If you wish to build games on mobile devices

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To make a social app, connecting people worldwide, what are the basic steps to start with?

If you want those kind of features you’ll need a server app to store the data your users in the social network will provide, store and use.

How did you get your first job, or what have you done to promote your apps? —Philip P

I was actually working on a personal project when I got approached to work at Goodwall. I first started as a website developer and then went over to app development. It has been a natural line of progression for a lot of programmers, especially since boom of the app market.

Basically if you know how to code in any language it’s fairly easy to switch to mobile app development.

However it requires a lot of time and passion!

In that case I'll continue learning, waiting for opportunities.

There is a huge demand for mobile developers today, so you won’t struggle to find something.

Is it possible for a student like me with limited resources to build apps of a large scale like whatsapp or Instagram?

It is possible but, you will have build the whole server side yourself (storing images, messages, real time communications). You *could* do it but I’d advise you to find one or more partners to work on them, in order to split the workload.

I'm game development hobbyist , fairly good at some programming languages especially C# and JS ,would it be easy to switch to app development? —Achraf J

You shouldn’t have any problems. Check out ‘React Native’.

You’ll be able to develop apps for many platforms in no time. Just follow their tutorials and videos. And on github you can find Facebook’s F8 app that got open sourced, it was done with ‘React Native’ so you can check the code.

I think free games in iOS should not need a paid licence (100$ a year) for developers. What do you think about it Alexander?

The reason you’re paying for Apple’s licence is because they provide you a big exposure to millions of people. You basically pay for the place on the market

It may be too expensive depending on how many apps you build.

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Topic Mobile Development
Date March 6, 2017
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