Topic The Importance of International Education
Date November 21, 2017

The Importance of International Education with Allan Goodman (IIE)

Dr. Allan Goodman is the President of the Institute of International Education (IIE). IIE collaborates with corporations, governments, and foundations across the globe to design and manage scholarship, study abroad, workforce training and leadership development programs. It has developed many of the world’s most effective and prestigious scholarship and training programs.

On the 21st of November 2017, Dr. Goodman hosted a live 30 minute Q&A session on Goodwall, as part of the International Education Week (#IEW2017). The session was joined by 90 students from around the world.

"Attending university lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning, and should give you the confidence for the many jobs and careers you are likely to have."

How can we make better efforts in online distance learning scholarships? So that students from underdeveloped countries can get a good education. —Saad

International students should talk to the EducationUSA advising office in their countries to get expert advice and insight on how to apply to and plan for university in the United States. With about 4,000 different colleges and universities, there are so many options available to international students besides just the handful of colleges that are famous around the world.  EducationUSA can help you find a college that is right for you, and help navigate the admissions process.

How many countries does IIE operate in? —Lorena

IIE has a presence in almost every country, with 18 offices worldwide.

What extracurricular accomplishments make an applicant stand out? —Faisal

We always look for your commitment to service through your work with organizations that give back to the community. This will help your application stand out.

After university, is it really difficult to find a job even though you are a graduate? If so why? —Ziyaad

Generally, there are not enough jobs in the world, and sometimes specific tracks might have limited demand. So look at your job descriptions carefully and be sure your match your studies and your experience with what employers are seeking.

I would like to know what kind of student profile top universities are looking for? —Edith

The profile of an attractive applicant to top universities is well explained in application materials. So I would recommend researching the schools that interest you carefully.

What did you write your PhD thesis on? —Alex

I wrote my PhD thesis about political development in a country then known as South Vietnam.

What are your thoughts on the best country for university education? —Ahmed

I think all countries are best, so I always recommend starting with your home country.

What can I do for my admission essay to stand out to Ivy League? —Rishab

Tell the truth. And say something about yourself that is not on your resume.

What is the IIE doing to promote educational opportunities specifically? —Alex

IIE helps the U.S. and foreign governments as well as corporations and foundations manage scholarship programs, and we help campuses to share best practices for hosting international students.

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Is it easy to get scholarship for a Masters? —Maira

At least in America, every school has different scholarship policies, so you need to explore with each school what the possibilities are.

Can we work in the United States of America after our studies for a few years at least? —Sandyana

Many international students are eligible for Optional Practical Training, and you can get information about this through the school that you attend.

Out of all your experiences, what would you say is the highlight of your career? —Alex

Every day that you can help somebody is a highlight. Nothing is better than that.

Do Ivy League universities scout top students internationally? For example, a couple of 7/7's in an IB diploma in the field someone wants to pursue? —Sophia

U.S. universities value and actively seek diversity among prospective students. All acknowledge that international students add greatly to the educational program.

What can students do in their home country to promote educational exchange with foreign students? —Yoav

Help to explain what educational life is like in your home country because every place is so different.

Do you think that attending summer courses in Oxford will be helpful to build a good CV? Would it increase my chances of getting admissions in renowned institutions? —Kawstav

Top colleges and universities look at the whole person and not just how many courses you take, or where you take them. If you need to take a summer course, for example in economics or math, then you probably should. However, if you do not need to take a course, then you should think of other activities that will demonstrate leadership and curiosity.

Do you have a site or page where you post the opportunities you offer? —Sandyana

If you are interested in researching scholarships to study in the United States, please visit This database is managed by IIE and lists thousands of scholarships that you can search by location and field of study.

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Do employers acknowledge the school you graduated from or do they solely base on your résumé? —Raphael

Employers are looking for how your qualifications match their requirements.

What do you think can help me, as a student, enhance my leadership skills and increase my *value* as a potential applicant to a university? —Payal

Be prepared to describe how you lead and give some concrete examples of problems you have solved through your leadership. Doing this will help you understand what you are good at and the things you need to improve on when it comes to leadership.

If you've earned your Bachelor's in your home country do you still have a good chance to do your Master's in the U.S.? If so, do they look at your grades during your undergraduate years and your high school career or do they only look at your college grades? —Lauren

Master’s programs will take your Bachelor’s education into account, along with any extracurricular activities. They are unlikely to require your high school information

Are languages still valuable skills now that English is so widespread? —Alex

In today’s globally interconnected economy, most students will develop careers where they work for or do business with international companies, so multiple language skills will help to advance your career.

Thank you all for asking so many questions, because they help us anticipate the kind of information we need to share. The very best advice you can get about applying to schools in America in your country is through your EducationUSA advisor. There are over 450 advisors around the world, ready to help. That would always be the first place I would go to get that help.

Topic The Importance of International Education
Date November 21, 2017