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Date July 12, 2017
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University life with Cath in College

Cath in College is a digital video and editorial content stream that follows the life of Stanford senior (’18) Catherine Goetze and her friends at the most selective university in the world. Videos feature road trips down the coast of California, afternoons laying in the sun, and philosophical debates surrounding topics like the possibility that all of human existence is occurring within a powerful supercomputer. A source of inspiration and entertainment for tens of thousands of aspiring students around the globe, “CiC” is grounded in the philosophy that everyone’s perspective has inherent value and deserves to be shared. Followers of the CiC blog (Dear Readers) and the YouTube channel (Dear Viewers) make up the “CiC community,” to form the most vibrant, diverse, and passionate group of young life-livers on the Internet.

On the 12th of July 2017, Cath in College hosted a live 30 minute Q&A of Goodwall. The session as attended by 225 students around the world.

“You all are destined for great things. Just keep up your motivation and be driven to make a difference and follow your passion, NOT to get into a school/get a job. You're meant for more than that.”

What is your biggest tip for a freshman just starting their first year of college? —Amber

My biggest tip for freshmen is, say yes to as much as you can. Go deep into the college experience! Don’t let school get in the way of your learning.

Should I worry about my AP scores when applying to college? —John

AP scores are important, but not necessary. I didn’t even send in all my scores when I applied because I didn’t score all 5’s. I just told the admissions officers which ones were 5’s.

Do you know how to battle the "small fish in a big pond" feeling that comes with going to a university like Stanford? —Shreya

Battle small fish in a big pond by getting involved!! You’ll never feel that way when you know people from all corners of campus.

Are there many international students at Stanford? —Phuong

There are TONS of internationals! My freshman year I lived with kids from Brazil, Colombia, China, France, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Russia, Singapore!

What would you change about your freshman year at Stanford? What advice would you give to any incoming Stanford freshmen? —Pam

What I would change from freshman year is, I’d start looking at majors earlier on.


People talk a lot about the swimming duck syndrome at Stanford. Do you feel this way about most of the students there? How can it be avoided? —Jo

Recognize that nobody is as perfect as you imagine them to be! You are all on the same level. Truly truly. A lot of Stanford students forget that.

Outside of the STEM bias/duck syndrome on campus, what is your least favorite thing about Stanford? Also, is submitting an arts portfolio worth it? Does it actually add any value to you as an applicant? How much did volunteer service influence your applications? —Caitlin

I can’t tell you about the arts supplement (because I just don’t know!) but my least favorite thing about Stanford is how hard it is to do study abroad programs that aren’t run by Stanford. It’s basically impossible.

Did you play any sports in high school? —Germar

I did not play sports in high school!

I am an international student and it's not usual to see many international students in your videos. In your daily life at Stanford, would you say that the amount of interactions you have with with intl students is big or small and do you think Stanford has a welcoming community for us? —Pedro

Stanford lovvvves internationals. I love internationals and interact with them on a daily basis. There’s very little line between them and domestic students. We’re all mixed up in there together!

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What are some common themes or traits that you see in Stanford students? —Shreya

We’re all passionate about something. Everyone has something they could talk all day long about. And everyone feels like there’s no conversation they can’t participate in. Even if you’re just listening, everyone feels like they have something to learn.

What are some tips for college application essays? (Specifically the Stanford essays) —Briana

Tell it in a narrative style! Imagine you’re telling a story. You’re trying to convince the reader you’re an interesting person to stand out above the thousands of other apps! Find your own voice.

I'm really passionate about social work. And starting my own campaigns and fundraisers. Does Stanford value starting projects of your own to maybe raise money for a cause? —Philip

Stanford absolutely supports you starting projects. But I recommend starting early. The times I’ve wanted Stanford funding, well it can take a while.

I'm a Humanities guy; does applying to Stanford make sense? —Peter

YES!!! Apply to Stanford if you’re humanities. Just don’t lose touch with your passion. But Stanford is heaven. You can’t NOT apply.

What are you doing this in NYC this summer? —Derek

I’m interning at a marketing/ad agency!

Should I take 4 years of math in high school even though I hate math? —Maggy

Personal call there on the math. I didn’t take 4 years of science. Because I hate science. I took Chinese instead!

What's the best way to prepare for SATs in your opinion? What's the best essay writing tips you've ever got/will give? —Agrima

The best way to prep for SATs is to practice practice practice! This is also in my “50 questions in 8 minutes” Q&A video!

Do Sports matter —Manav

They help! But you don’t need them. I didn’t play a sport!

How personal should your essays and supplements be? —Sabrina

Personal essays should be super personal! Get into it!

When applying to colleges, had you visited Stanford? How much did that influence your decision? —MAdison

I did not visit any colleges before applying. Why spend the money before I even knew if I’d get in? Also no point in falling in love with a campus I can’t go to.

Stanford has been my dream school since I was 11 and knew what college was about. But with applications nearing I fear I'll be rejected. Have you felt this way before applying and if you did, how did you get through that feeling? —Anindita

Picture getting rejected as vividly as you can. Then realize that eventually it will pass, life will move on, and everything will be glorious. Dream schools are baloney!!!

What is the most appropriate time to start working on the application process? Ps love your vlogs! —Kenza

Start working on applications around September.

Do you ever get homesick? —Jalen

I feel homesick every once in awhile. But my friends always know how to make me feel better. (Movie night and a hug!)

Stanford has been my dream school probably since I was 10. I absolutely adore the institution as a whole, but now that I'm going into my senior year and getting ready for applications, I'm not sure that I'm good enough to get in or that Stanford is the school for me. How do you know what schools or types of schools are for you? —Ariana

I really don’t believe in schools being “for you” or “not for you.” It’s all about the attitude you bring to it. Are you willing to work hard and have fun? Yes? Great. Then you will find your own Stanford.

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I'm an incoming senior in high school and I wanted to know how do you/should you go about writing application essays for college? Also, do SAT's matter as much as they're made out to be? —Ashley

Have your English teachers read over your essays!!! Pro tip!

How much variety is needed in extracurriculars? I do a lot of stuff that is good, but most of is focused in different areas of CS. What were some of your extracurricular (I know you did your school's news, but what else?)? —Briana

Variety in extracurricular. Don’t worry about being well-lopsided. It’s okay to lean one way. It shows passion and drive!

Are lots of students at Stanford double majoring across disciplines? I want to major in both physics and economics, but I'm afraid I'll spread myself too thin. —Kenny

To be honest I think double majoring is crazy. What’s the point? You can just pick one and then be flexible with the other.

I was just wondering if you feel it is better to go in undecided and declare a major later, or declare a major at the start and not necessarily be in love with it? —Madison

Wow definitely go in undeclared. You’ll figure it out later!

How many colleges did you apply to? —John

I applied to 11 colleges.

Did you ever have a job in high school? —Germar

I got paid for TV work in high school but I regret not having a minimum wage job. I have one at Stanford and it builds character. I love it.

Are you currently studying any foreign language at Stanford? —Philip

I’ve studied Arabic Portuguese French and Spanish at Stanford.

How did you deal with your rejection from Harvard? —Kenny

How did I deal with my rejection from Harvard? I took a deep breath and said “well. Time to prove them wrong.”

What is your favourite colour? —Natalie

I don’t know, purple is a cool color.

Topic University life
Date July 12, 2017
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