Topic Admissions
Date July 26, 2017

Admissions with East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI)

Founded in 1966, ECPI University has long-demonstrated a commitment to market-based curriculum, being among the first to offer classes in the field of computer programming. With campuses located along the East Coast of the United States, it is keenly sensitive to the needs of the global workplace, offering programs that are in great demand, including nursing, health science, technology, business, and criminal justice. ECPI University has established a solid reputation for integrating high-quality instruction with hands-on learning. The result: graduates who can be ready to work in their chosen professions with little or no training. ECPI University offers a student-centered learning environment, featuring small class sizes, free tutoring, and career services. Through its year-round, accelerated program, international students can earn a Bachelor’s degree in as little as 2.5 years or a Master’s degree in just 15 months.

On the 26th of July 2017, the Director of International Admissions, Stephanie Benson hosted a live 30 minute q&a session on Goodwall. The session was attended by over 80 students worldwide.

Do you offer courses in pharmacy? —Md. Abdus

Unfortunately we do not offer a Pharmacy degree.

I am an international student from the uk wanting to study medicine, can you tell me more about it? In terms or requirements etc —Ellen

Unfortunately, we do not offer programs in medicine.

What are the requirements for international students? —David

The admissions requirements are:

NACES evaluation showing U.S. high school equivalency
Evidence of English proficiency (61 or higher on iBT TOEFL, 6 band on IELTS, letter from school official verifying student graduated from a program taught in the medium of English)
Sponsorship financial documentation
University English and Math assessment
Admissions Interview

Can you please give us some details of your course offers and approximate cost? —Md. Abdus

We offer program in technology, business, and healthcare. The annual tuition is $17k depending on the program.

Do you offer any scholarships? —Emre

We offer several scholarships, ranging from $500 to $5000. Here is the website for more information:

Do you offer some kind of dentistry program? —Leticia

No unfortantely we do not offer dentistry.

Do you offer course in medicine? —Ellen

We offer programs in Healthcare Administration for international students.

Do we need SAT scores before applying to ECPI? —Roleena

We do not require SAT scores.

How do you apply to ECPI? —Fyza

You can apply online at

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If I get accepted and I decide to take a gap year, will I have to reapply later? —Rehat

Yes, you would need to apply again.

Do your tech programs have Mechanical engineering and Architecture? —Mohamed

Yes, we offer mechanical engineering. you can complete your bachelor’s degree in as little as 2 and 1/2 years.

Would the requirements be the same if I wanted to do a Master's degree? —Hasnah

We offer Master’s degrees also. We offer MSIS and MS Cyber. The documents are similar and we walk you through every step of the admissions process.

What is the minimum grade requirement for acceptance? —Rehat

We require your US high school equivalency, and we use our entrance assessments.

Do you offer full scholarships? —Daniel

We do not offer full scholarships.

Is the school in the state of New York? —Kara

We are located in Virginia and North Carolina!

Can we study 'English Language' in your university? —Donika

We do not offer ESL courses. All applicants must show proof of English proficiency.

Do you offer any nursing programs? —Eliosa

We offer nursing; however, it is required that students travel to the US or take the TEAS assessment from their home country to apply.

What are the most popular student unions/groups on campus? —Vijay

The most popular clubs here are gaming and simulation!

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Outside of grades, what other factors do you look at for international students? —Rehat

The country of citizenship is not taken into consideration in the admissions process. We also look at your desire, activities while in school, and follow up.

Where are some of the international students currently at ECPI from? —Elma

Currently, we have students from India, Brazil, Nepal, and Egypt!

Do you start looking at our grades from grade 10 or 11? —Rehat

We look at the overall cumulative grade.

Topic Admissions
Date July 26, 2017