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Date October 24, 2017
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Admissions with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL)

Since 1893, EHL has offered groundbreaking training to prepare students for global hospitality management careers in diverse industries such as luxury, real estate, sales and marketing and many more. Leading them to become one of the leading institution in the world of hospitality and hotel management.


On the 24th of October, the Admissions Officer Online for EHL, Alexandra as well as EHL Ambassador Karim hosted a live 30 minutes Q&A session on Goodwall answering questions about the institution. The session was joined by over 60 students from around the world.

Is there any English program at the university and how are much tuition fees? —Hawhyanus

At EHL, we offer our programs in either English or French. Although previous knowledge of French is not mandatory, we do require that students speak at least one foreign language.

May I know more about your programs? —Nangyalai

To learn more about EHL and our Bachelor Program, we recommend that you download our Bachelor Program brochure ( or sign up for an upcoming Online Information Session (

How we can apply to the program? —Nangyalai

You can apply through our website: and start with submitting documents such as your passport, transcript, letter of motivation and English language exam.

That's all you need to do to apply? —Engjellusha

To apply to EHL, you must complete our rigorous selection process. This process is divided into three stages: the online application, the online interview, and the selection day. Further details are found on our website:

What makes a student stand out while applying to EHL? —Oren

Get some work experience, be yourself, do your research and show us your motivation. Those are some of the tips to make you stand out!

Do you require SAT or IELETS? —Rand

Yes, for the American highschool diploma, we do require an SAT. As for the IELTS, You can find our language requirements on our website: To integrate into our English section, we require you take either a TOEFL, IELTS or a Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE).

Is EHL only for hotel management? —Youssef

96% of EHL bachelor students will find a job within 6-months of graduation. The rest usually opt for a postgraduate degree. In addition, EHL organizes several career fairs to connect students with different companies. During our last career fair, 160+ companies visited our campus to recruit students. Those companies included not only international hotel chains but as luxury brands such as LVMH, car companies such as Tesla, consulting firms such as KPMG, banks such as UBS and many more. In fact 50% of our graduates work in non -hotel related sectors.

What are the courses that provided? —Matlhatsi

There is a range of courses provided at EHL. You will take business course such as Finance, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, as well as Communication courses and hospitality related classes.

What is the comparison ratio between teacher and student in class? —Hawhyanus

The ratio of students to professor is 1:20.

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What can you offer to international students? —Manol

A world wide education in the hospitality industry and great opportunities in the business world. This includes working for Banks, Luxury Brands, Consulting Firms, and International companies.

Is it a must for a person to learn french in order to enroll? —Rand

At EHL, we offer our program in either English or French. Although previous knowledge of French is not mandatory, we do require that students speak at least one foreign language.

I study French but do I need some sort of certificate? —Manol

If you would like to enroll in the French section, you require the DALF certificate.

What is the student life like at EHL? Also, what kind of scholarships does EHL offer? —Alexandre

Student Life is an important aspect of your studies at EHL. We currently have over 30 committees that suit almost all students. To get a better understanding of what committees are and what events they organize, we invite you to watch this quick video: In addition, EHL is one of the most diverse universities in Switzerland, with over 114 nationalities. As for scholarship, they are offered to top performing students and are both merit and need based.

Are there scholarships for English speakers.? Or scholarships are only available to French speakers? —Youssef

Scholarships are offered to any student regardless of nationality, race, language or gender. They are merit and need based.

Where is EHL located? —Niraj

We are located in Lausanne, Switzerland!

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You spoke about international opportunities during the course of the program, could you please elaborate? —Vijay

Certainly. During the 4-year program, you are required to complete two 6-month internships where you can travel anywhere in the world to complete. This will give you both a deeper understanding of the business world as well as well as exposure to a new country and culture.

Do you teach the use of computer skills? Such as excel for example. —Alexandre

Indeed! There is a course that specifically teaches Excel skills!

Topic Admissions
Date October 24, 2017
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