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Date March 29, 2017
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Creativity with Edrea Evstad

As the Q&A session with Edrea Evstad went on, our Goodwall users had a chance to understand how art, creativity and entrepreneurship can be so intricately linked together.

Edrea is a unique combination of a creative, artistic mind with an entrepreneurial tendency to not only create her passion but also create products as a result of it. Timbo’s Tales being the best example; a visually stimulating book that helps children overcome the fear associated with medicine and being ill.

"Feeling proud of yourself is a day to day achievement. you can feel it at any stage of your life. You have to remember, it comes and it goes. We strive to make it the most constant we possibly can."

How did you become a successful artist/entrepreneur? And what were your first steps? —Rania Ahmed

First of all it depends on how you define success. I work very hard on a daily basis to fulfill small goals that ultimately help me arrive to the next level. I am still striving to achieve certain levels of achievement and they all depend the last stepping stone I laid for myself for instance.

I didn’t get to go to art school, as was my passion, so in order to learn how to paint and draw technically I had to learn through YouTube tutorials, meeting artists by joining art collective spaces around me and making it a real quest to find those who could help me learn.

So you are self taught?

Self-taught by seeking teachers around me, on the world wide web and through my network.

I have found many supportive people around me, it is amazing how willing friends and family are to help if only you ask.

Any advice for a student finishing high school? —Nermina Jakupovska

My advice would be to keep your mind and options open. Understand that you will continue to evolve and that learning is a lifelong process.

Follow what your heart and mind are curious to learn and allow yourself to go with the flow of changes and new interests which can and will arrive down the road. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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Did you find it easy or hard to combine art with entrepreneurship? And why? —Ana Ioniță

My path was to study business and cultivate my art on the side, so for me at some point it only made sense to combine the two if I were to be happy and maximize my potential and contribute to our world.

How did you promote/market your artwork and productions? —Andrew Walker

I’m not going to lie, it is really tough to do self-promotion and not feel like a narcissist, but I have hired a firm to help me with social media since it really isn’t my forte. You can get low cost help from companies like fiverr.com

At what age did you start feeling that you are proud of yourself and what you're doing? —Sara Nat

Feeling proud of yourself is a day to day achievement. you can feel it at 12 or 25 or 31 (which is my age). It comes and goes, we strive to make it the most constant we can. Although I definitely am pretty proud to have a chance to answer your question 🙂

Was it hard for you to stay to true yourself and to your art after you started to gain more attention in the business?

Staying true to myself is something that I have not had many difficulties with, I think it’s important to spend some time alone and reconnect every so often (in my case very often) that way it helps you to keep a sober outlook for yourself.

I have been thinking about making my art a profession but to be frank my head has been drilled with thoughts by people that artists struggle to make an income. Can you give me some advice on this? —Esteban Santana Do Nascimento

It certainly is a struggle to make ends meet as an artist, however I know that as cliché as it sounds, if you want something badly enough you will get it through very hard work and persistence. Also, you have to realise that art has many different channels and dimensions, there is always place for it all.

There are plenty of niches that are becoming big, for example ‘art therapy’. This is just one of the examples of how art is constantly evolving and although it’s hard to become an artist, there will always be room for passion and innovation.

However, in the end, finding your voice and sharing it with love is the best way to be successful.

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Has your work ever appeared in any galleries?

So far I have sold privately commissioned paintings and drawings, and was shown at a gallery in the city where I live. However, right now I am working on two projects, one’s an art book and second one is a bit more experimental, an art performance which will have a feel of a ritual and will be held in a gallery at a later date.

What do you think is the most challenging part of self-publishing?

Everything! But really, learning the technicalities such as paper weight, layout/in-design/artistic aspects, finding a printing house, finding distributors, self-promotion tend to be the hardest challenges.

Solution? Make sure you love your work/hobby/activity, that way no matter the challenge, you’ll always be looking forward to it.

Topic Creativity
Date March 29, 2017
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