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Topic Nuclear Engineering
Date March 28, 2017
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Nuclear Engineering with Giovanni Porcellana

Giovanni Porcellana is a Nuclear Engineer and Knowledge Transfer Officer at CERN, in the field of medical applications of the technologies developed in the laboratory as well as a Global Shaper of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, Geneva-Turin hubs.

He is also Co-founder and COO at Bizanami, an automatic online platform for helping any aspiring entrepreneur starting their own business based in Turin, Italy.

“A small advice from my side: when you stop learning, it's time to change what you are doing! Otherwise you will get bored and frustrated!”

What's going on at CERN now? Are there any new research activities or projects? —Shreyas

We are having a beautiful and sunny day! We are mostly working on our flagship project, the LHC and the experiments around. But on our side, we are trying to bring our technologies to society.

Is there a chance to get an internship at the chemical department at CERN as a student? I'm not into physics but consider studying chemistry and would want to know how working as a chemist is like. —Friedrich

As a university student, you can apply for our student programmes for internship and ask for specific places, even if we don’t work a lot on chemistry.

Are there any research opportunities for high school students at CERN? —Shreyas

For high school students we do not offer research activities, but you can come anytime to visit our facilities for free in Geneva. You can start applying for internships, as summer programmes, as an university student here is the website:

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At what speed does the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) collide? Does it make noise? —Shreyas

The LHC collides particles at almost the speed of light (99%+) but I’ve never been there when it happens!

I would like know about what is nuclear engineering all about, and what they do? —Ong

Nuclear engineering is the study of how a nuclear power plant (so for electricity production) works and how to design it under all aspects: neutronics, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering. And of course, research on new types of reactors, the so called IV Generation.

What was the toughest and most challenging obstacle of your career at CERN? —Shreyas

I came here for working on particle accelerators for medical use, and I never ever studied these kind of things. So the best challenge has been to “recycle” myself and learn new things from scratch.

How bad is the nuclear power to the environment? —Khalifa

Nuclear power is actually pretty good under many aspects, above all the fact that it doesn’t emit greenhouse gases!

What made you decide that you want to be a nuclear engineer? —Syed

I always wanted to help humanity  and the idea of providing cheap and never-ending energy to the world without emitting greenhouse gases seemed pretty cool to me!  Hope you will agree!

What's the scope of getting a job if I've a Nuclear Engineering degree? —Sara

Do you mean: where you can work with a Nuclear Engineering degree? I would say everywhere! You can work in research, in a nuclear power plant in the operations (also very interesting), you can work in all the services related to nuclear exploitation (transport…), you can work in hospitals or in facilities where they handle radioactive material, or, like myself, you can decide to change completely!

What's your education background? Where did you obtain your degree from? —Sara

I studied Nuclear Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

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What do you think is one of the most impressive achievements to have in your resumé, if you are planning on studying engineering? —Christina

For sure travelling abroad for your studies/thesis/internship. Also demonstrate curiosity and do volunteering activities!

Is nuclear energy the most sustainable source of energy? In the future Can this energy be available for powering our household electronics? —Mohammad

It makes no sense to rely only on one source, but all the clean ones have to be exploited and studied!

What are your next big dreams and goals? A person is never too old to dream! —Sara

I always feel super young actually!  I want to keep learning and start building something on my own, a company for example.

Topic Nuclear Engineering
Date March 28, 2017
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