Topic YouTube & Ivy Leagues
Date October 13, 2017
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YouTube & Ivy Leagues with Joelle Park

Joelle Park, is a YouTuber and current Dartmouth College student.

On October 13th 2017, Joelle hosted a live 30 minute Q&A session on Goodwall answering questions on how to manage social media accounts and getting into an Ivy League university. The session was joined by over 90 from around the world.

Which Ivy League are you in? —Shubh

I’m currently at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.

What are you studying at Dartmouth? —Gabby

I’m studying Economics, modified with Film, and minoring in Digital Arts!

What’s your YouTube channel? —Haris

My  youtube channel is called JustJoelle1 it’s a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and advice channel!

What's the most important part of your university application? —Daniella

I‘d say there’s no one most important part of the college application. Most colleges take a very holistic approach and they use all the parts to just gain a better understanding of who you are, what drives you, and what you hope to contribute to your college. You can convey this through pretty much every part of the app, but show the most personal bits through your essays and often times the  teacher or supplemental recs!

Have you ever studied abroad? If so, what was the experience like? —Christina

I actually studied abroad last winter in Barcelona as part of Dartmouth’s language study abroad! It was amazing and such a good way to learn a language and be acquainted with a new culture. I would highly recommend studying abroad at some point as it’s a super unique experience!

How many subscribers you get? —Lyphy

I have around 3.5K subscribers! Haha you guys are welcome to go subscribe if you wish.

How do you run a successful YouTube channel especially if you are starting up small like using your phone as a camera. What's the most important things to focus on? —Peter

The most important thing is consistency! And I think understanding what bits of video people are interested- editing is super important and you can still shoot great videos with just a phone!

Does doing two internships while in high school benefit your application? —Shravan

Yes!! internships are definitely helpful in applying to colleges because you can show what you’ve learned and that you’re passionate about getting more experience in something!

How do you plan yourself to get your channel going with all the university responsibilities? —Julia

I struggled a lot with balancing school and youtube, but I always prioritize school first. My youtube channel shows down a lot when I’m in school, so I try to make up for it during breaks!

For YouTube, if you wanna be a full time YouTuber, what does it require? —Ramaanshi

I have a friend who is starting to do youtube full time! But it began as she was a student and she rapidly grew her audience while balancing school and youtube. So it definitely requires having a steady foundation in YouTube even before you commit to doing it full time.

Where are you from Joelle? —Katya

I’m from San Francisco!

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Does organising and hosting TED/TILE talks also help your application? Do you require any form of proof for such extracurriculars? —Shravan

Yes, any extracurriculars will help in your application when they teach the school about who you are and what you devote your time to. I don’t think more is necessarily better when everything is random and it can feel like you’re doing things just to do put it on an app. However, when your passions and personality shine through your extracurriculars, they’re a great addition to your pp!

Were you an IB student? —Shubh

I was not, my school didn’t have the IB program. I went to a small independent high school in San Francisco. They didn’t follow AP/IB or anything and created their own curriculum that had different advanced courses.

Do high schools in Spain accept Tawjeehi? —Colette

Ah unfortunately I’m not an expert in Spanish high schools so I can’t say! That would be a great question to look up though! Subscribed, is that it? —Ayub

Ahha that’s it you got it! I have a whole playlist dedicated to videos about Dartmouth so if any of you are curious about student life there or anything, that’s a great place to look. I also have general videos about college apps and college in general.

Do any of the Ivy Leagues substitute as law schools for your graduation? —Bharat

I don’t believe any of them have programs that any law firm would take as a replacement of Law school unfortunately!

For those who like to undertake, what is the best Ivy League in your opinion? —Melissa

Hahah of course I’ll jokingly say Dartmouth is the best Ivy League, but really it was the best pick for me. Since all the Ivy Leagues are very competitive academically, the best one is really the one that most suits your personality, lifestyle, and overall culture best!

Any advice for someone who wants to double major? —Christina

For a double major definitely make sure you have a sufficient plan for which classes to take when to complete the major. It’s a good skill to balance your course load and know when it’s wise to take certain courses.

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How do you manage to use and be on social media just enough not to get distracted from studying? —Payal

Ahah I feel you! Social media can be so distracting, but the best thing is to compartmentalise and know when you’re focused, and when you’re giving yourself a break. And when you have breaks, to time them. So your little phone breaks can reward a good chunk of solid studying time

Do you think that a university from Ivy League would accept someone who has grades like B or B+? I mean, if this person meets every other requirement. —Melissa

I wouldn’t focus too much on one part of your app! There are definitely kids who had B’s in high school who get into great schools. Of course, it may be a little more difficult, but a college wouldn’t reject a super accomplished and quality student just because of one B. It’s a holistic approach to the app and no one part will absolutely disqualify your application, though it may make it more difficult to get in.

To address SAT vs ACT, they say the ACT is better for science and math minded people, and the SAT is more geared towards language. The ACT is more of a speed competition, and SAT is a little slower with trick questions! I’d recommend whichever feels more comfortable as colleges take both! I hope that’s helpful!

Topic YouTube & Ivy Leagues
Date October 13, 2017
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