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Date September 19, 2017
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Admissions with Koç University

Koç University is a non-profit private university that is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It was established in 1993 and as of 2016, it was ranked the highest in Turkey according to Times Higher Education World University Ranking.



On September 19th 2017, Koç university admissions officer Melissa Abache hosted a live Q&A on Goodwall talking about admissions and life at the unviersity. The session was joined by over 110 students from around the world.

Is there a foreign exchange program? —Clarissa

Yes we do have an exchange program and we actively encourage our students to do at least 1 semester of the undergraduate program at one of our partner universities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia or Australia. We have over 200 partner universities that are usually the best in their countries. You can see more details on

What are the requirements to get admission in Koç? —Aman

The admission requirements are:
– SAT exam score of 1410 points or higher
– TOEFL exam score of 80 points or higher
– 2 recommendation letters
– a motivation letter
– your diploma and transcripts

All details about how to apply are here:

Is there any scholarship program? —Aman

Yes we do offer scholarships. Typically they would be 25-50% tuition waiver. The scholarships are awarded considering both academic merit and financial need. To be eligible for the scholarship I would recommend having a very good SAT score, good recommendation letters and a well written motivation letter. We don’t have country specific scholarships except for students from any of the 22 Arab league countries interested in science or engineering majors.

Where is the university located? —Suman

Koç University is located in beautiful Istanbul in Turkey.

What is the minimum GPA required? —Adrian

We don’t have a minimum GPA requirement but admitted students typically have 85% out of 100% or higher.

If I examine the ACT test and I answer the Math and Science questions, but I don't answer the English questions, however, I examine the IELTS test with score 6.5. Would these conditions be accept be accepted? —Moaz

You can provide the ACT test in this way and with an IELTS score but then try to have a score higher than 6,5 to increase your admission chances.

Why don't you accept IELTS for passing the prep year? —Ece

Unfortunately because of Turkish Higher Education Council regulations we can only accept TOEFL exam scores.

What's the tuition fee if we want to study medicine at Koç university and what's the duration to finish? —Hadi

Our Medicine program has a duration of 6 years, is taught in English and has a tuition cost of approximately 24.000 USD per academic year.

I will take toefl but do you accept the scores if they are administered in a public school? —Ece

Unfortunately only public universities in Turkey are allowed to administer the TOEFL exam that we can accept. I know it is arbitrary but we can’t do much about it.

Does IB benefit Turkish students in any way? —Selin

We don’t have a preference between IB and SAT or other acceptable standard exams.

I’m from the philippines. I’m already a degree holder of BS Computer Science and currently enrolled in Masters in business management. What programs can I possibly take there? —Michelle

You could consider applying to our PhD in Business Administration if you want to continue your career in academia or our PhD in Computer Science and Engineering.

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Is the admission for fall season open? —Abdulrehman

Not yet! We will open applications for Fall 2018 admission in late November so please check our website around then to start your application.

Do you accept A-levels? —Rahaf

Yes we accept A Levels and you should have at least 2 A Levels with A grades.

Do you accept ACT instead of SAT? —Vitor

Yes we accept ACT with a minimum score of 21 points but higher for Medicine and Law.

I have done Sri Lankan A/Ls in Maths stream, but I have only one A pass and two C passes. What would you suggest for me? —Kavindu

In your case I would recommend taking the SAT exam and getting a very good score there.

Does your law program require a bachelor's degree for entrance? —Rahaf

For the Masters in Law (LLM) you should have a Law bachelor’s degree. however, if you have studied International Relations or other social sciences or humanities subjects you may be admitted but asked to take some remedial law courses.

Is Cambridge CAE a possibility for english proficiency ? I saw something about it on your website so I just want to check with you now. —Aleksandra

Yes CAE is acceptable for English proficiency.

I’m already in master's school. There is no SAT and TOEFL exams here. But we have the National Career Aptitude Test and the National Achievement Test. Does that count? I already took those years ago, back in High School. —Michelle

If you want to apply to any of our Masters or PhD programs the required exams are GRE and TOEFL. Unfortunately we can’t accept national exams.

When is the right time to start application for Fall 2018? Are dorm applications done in the same period? Also what’s the undergraduate tuition? —Aleksandra

The earlier the better. They will open in November and close in late June but the earlier you apply the more chances for scholarships. Dorm applications are done after you receive a letter of admission. Undergraduate tuition is approximately 17.000 USD per academic year.

Do you have music programs there? —Adiraino

Unfortunately we don’t have Music related degree programs.

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Is there the Physics or Astrophysics undergraduate course? —Vitor

Yes we have a BSc in Physics and you can see all the details here:

Do you offer aeronautical engineering? —Jarrar

Unfortunately we don’t offer programs in aeronautical engineering or aviation engineering but you can check Ozyegin University also here in Istanbul which also has English programs in those areas.

Is there a problem if some documents are not provided right away while applying because I can't have all my documents from high school before May. —Aleksandra

That is no problem if for example you can’t submit your diploma or official transcripts you can get a letter from your school if possible stating your predicted GPA and grades. Most important thing is to apply with the SAT exam score and a TOEFL or CAE score.

Are most students Turkish? —Rahaf

Nearly 50% of our graduate students are international, however, at undergraduate level, the proportion is closer to 10%. So most of our undergraduate students are Turkish but we receive a lot of exchange students from our partner universities each semester. The international student acceptance rate is about 8-10% as we like to select the best students to join our community.


Tell us a bit about your campus. —Vijay

ABOUT OUR CAMPUS: It is a beautiful campus with very nice facilities for studying, doing sports, relaxing and with all the conveniences on campus (süpermarket, bank, hairdresser, post office, etc). The campus is located about 1 hour by public transport from the main city centre which is great because it allows students to concentrate on their student life during the weeks and they can still enjoy their weekends in all the amazing shopping, cultural and entertainment places in Istanbul. The campus is surrounded by a lush forest and we have some very nice Black Sea beaches about 20 mins by car from the campus. You can take a virtual tour here:

Do the scores of the standardized tests need to be send officially, by the college board for example (Because the fees so expensive)? —Vitor

No you can apply with a scan of the exam results and if you are admitted then you ask them to send the official scores to our university.

Is there a Brazilian student on campus? —Vitor

Yes we can put you in touch with a Brazilian student (they are mostly in social sciences) please email us at and we’ll introduce you via email.

Where is the application done? For example, for American universities it’s by the Common Application. —Vitor

Ours is done in our own online application system and there is no application fee. You can find the application form here:

Is 1000 enough in the SAT exams? —Waqas

1000 is not enough for admission. Our minimum on the new SAT is 1160 and admitted students usually have 1400 or higher.

Topic Admissions
Date September 19, 2017
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