Topic Entrepreneurship
Date November 10, 2017

Entrepreneurship with Miracle Olatunji

She is a 17-year-old entrepreneur, senior in high school, writer and public speaker.  As her name implies, the story of her life is nothing short of a miracle; She was not expected to live to be this age due to prenatal complications. For this reason empowering, enlightening, and educating others through social entrepreneurship. Her current ventures are: The MIRACLE (MI-Making impacts, RA-Raising awareness, CLE-Creating learning experiences) Organization/Initiative, a social venture & enterprise organization and OpportuniME.

On November 10th 2017 Miracle hosted a live q&a on Goodwall talking about Entrepreneurship. The session was joined by 117 students from around the world.

"My advice for starting something new is to go in with an open mind and be prepared to learn a lot of new things! Also, collaborate with others!"

What were your initial thoughts about this venture when you initially began? —Stephanie

Starting something new can be scary (risky, possibility for failure), but instead of letting that scare me I knew that this would be an incredible learning experience regardless of the outcome.

So how did you balance this all? Especially considering you were in high school and started all this at a very young age? —Mayali

I balance my time using my planner and Google Calendar. Both are very useful for keeping all tasks, meetings, events, etc. organized

How did you start your first project and what was it? Who supports you? And how did you manage your time with working?'m Maryam 17 years old too and about to start my biggest projects. —Maryam

My first project was my anti-bullying blog and campaign which I started in middle school. My parents are very supportive of me and I have wonderful mentors who provide me with helpful advice. All the best with your projects!

How did the idea of starting this venture come into your mind? —Tsephel

My interest and passion for entrepreneurship was sparked after I participated in the Diamond Challenge for High School Entrepreneurs. It’s a wonderful opportunity that I encourage every young person to participate in.  Check it out:

How did you improve your English? —Wei

My advice for improving English is by reading lots of different books. This really not only helps with learning to language, but also builds your vocabulary.

I'm having huge troubles with public speaking. Every time I attempt to give a speech, I freeze up and crash. Nervousness all around and I can't seem to move. Any tips? —Cesar

One piece of advice someone gave me about public speaking is to think of your theme song- that is, a song that gets you realy pumped and excited. Every time you’re about to go on stage or give a speech, play this in your head. Also, positive affirmations and breathing techniques help with calming your nerves.

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I'm Mechanical engineer , and want to go into entrepreneurship, how can I? —Yogesh

That’s awesome! Because we live in such a digital age, you can easily find resources and people who can help you on your entrepreneurship journey.  I recommend the Diamond Challenge and MIT Launch X course to start learning more about entrepreneurship; however, the best way to learn is by experience/ doing. Don’t be afraid to start and ask questions!

Is entrepreneurship expensive? Like do you need a big capital? —Raphael

I actually attended a conference last week about startup financing and learned that it can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! A lot of people use bootstrapping and crowdfunding.  Check this out:

There is a risk factor always in business, being a young entrepreneur how you tackle with that? Also, what changes should I bring to myself so that I will be a great entrepreneur in future. —Sohail

When starting a business, it’s important to start developing a growth mindset. That way, you will embrace the challenges and be willing to learn from your mistakes and struggles. Check this out:

I started just in the same way with 3 campaigns and I'm good in public speaking so that helps me as well. I was one of Innovation For Development 2016 participants from the UNDP and that made me better in business. What do you hope to gain in the future? And I really like you! Keep going! We are doing amazing things at a young age so I see a bright future for us! —Maryam

That’s wonderful! As an entrepreneur, you are constantly learning new skills and lessons and gaining new experiences. It is often said that  entrepreneurship is an effective means of prototyping multiple career options while building foundational skills and mindset that are necessary regardless of the career path chosen. I encourage you all to check out the Diamond Challenge! It’s a wonderful opportunity.

I would like to start a business but each time I try to get an idea I realise it’s really tough especially with school, do you have any suggestions? —Sandyana

I totally understand you! It can be challenging managing school and your business. That’s why time management is key. Find a method of managing your time that works for you. Check this out:

What it the diamond challenge about? —Sandyana

The Diamond Challenge is a global entrepreneurship competition for high school students. Last year, a team from Jamaica placed in the top 3!

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What is your success strategy? —Allen

Figuring out a time management technique that works for you will help a lot with balancing school and your ventures (be it a blog, startup, campaign, etc.)

How do we get ideas? —Vedant

Focus on solving problems!

Topic Entrepreneurship
Date November 10, 2017