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Date August 23, 2017
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Admissions with Northumbria University

Jasmine Bual is the International Recruitment Coordinator at the Northumbria University. The university is located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

On August 23rd 2017,  Jasmine hosted a live 30 minute Q&A session on Goodwall. The session was attended by over 120 students from around the world.

"We were named the number 1 UK business school by Times Higher Education last year!"

What subjects are lectured there? —Shwe Shin

We have over 200 degree subjects in the majority of areas, we have four faculties: Business and Law, Engineering and Environment, Arts, Design and Social Sciences and Health and Life Sciences.

How can I apply to Northumbria and what is the criteria used to judge applications? —Sohail

The best the way to apply is through UCAS but we also accept direct applications. Applications for next year open in September.

If I want to study at Northumbria University, what would I need to do? —Sanae

You need to have the right academic qualifications and english language. You then need to submit an application.

Does the university offer full scholarships? —Sameeh

No, we have partial academic scholarships of up to £2,500.

What are the academic qualifications for acceptance? —Sanae

Academic qualifications vary depending on which country you are from these can all be found online.

How much are the tuition fees? —Assel

Tuition fees start at £12,500.

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Is the £12,500 per semester or year? —Kara

It’s for the year.

Where is the university located? —Phahmer

The university is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. Newcastle is a student city.

Does your university offer electrical engineering? —Shivar

We do offer electrical engineering and business and management.

How do you apply for a scholarship if you are an international student? —Chaimae

You don’t need to apply for scholarships, we will award it upon your grades.

Do you help international students in getting visas? —Sameh

We have support for visa applications.

What is the minimum GPA needed for getting scholarships? —Ashim

We are looking for a GPA of 3.5+ for scholarships.

Do you offer mechanical engineering? —Salma

Yes there is mechanical engineering.

Can you please talk about the medicine programme at Northumbria? —Kshitij

We offer a medicine pathway in conjunction with St George’s University in Grenada. You can find out more about our medical pathway in conjuction with St Georges University here-,-d-,-georges-universi/modules/bs0516-medical-physiology/

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If you get a diploma from this university, can you work in other countries ? —Sanae

Yes you can transfer your degree to other countries.

Are there any special requirements for an international student? —Emmanuel

Just English language and academic requirements.

Do you accept SAT scores? —Anisha

Yes we accept SAT scores.

Is there a Cyber security or information security or network security options for a master's degree? —Jawad
Do you offer accommodation facilities? —Camila

Yes we offer guaranteed accommodation to all of our students.

For the SAT score out of 1600, what is the min score you accept? —Anisha

The minimum SAT score accepted is 1290.

What the minimum TOEFL and IELTS scores that you accept? —Anisha

IELTS scores vary on what you wish to study.

Can you tell me please about master degree in business at Northumbria University? —Sanae

We offer lots of business masters, please look at our website –

Do you accept TOEFL scores? —Anisha

Yes we accept TOEFL minimum score is 89.

Do you accept students with an ICCE General certificate? —Eric

It is based on a case by case basis, we would need to look at this.

Do you have international students at your university? —Rania

Yes, we have 4000 international students here.

I would like to study social subjects rather than science subjects, what programs does Northumbria have? —Roxher

We have lots of social subjects including Criminology and Psychology!


Topic Admissions
Date August 23, 2017
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