Topic Entrepreneurship
Date November 9, 2017

Entrepreneurship with Paige Cornetet

Paige Cornetet was a marketing specialist before she created her own company that helps companies and people focus on what they are naturally good at, and how to turn their talents into strengths. Her company is called Millennial Guru, because she has a passion for helping students understand what they are good at, and how to apply it professionally.

On the 9th of November 2017, Paige hosted a live q&a session on Goodwall. The session was attended by 51 students from around the world.

"If you aren't OBSESSED with the idea (for me it is thrilling, amazing, and inspiring people everyday) don't do it.”

How can I strengthen my talent in industrial pharmacy? —Hessein

I would focus on what naturally comes to you and work on that. Also use your networking skills to chat with people in the pharmacy world. If you can find people to help direct that already work in that world it will help give you a head start.

What’s the story behind the name of your business? —Vijay

Great question. I’m a millennial, and wanted to help change the perspective of us ‘young kids’ to a positive one. So Millennial Guru helps companies hire and inspire the next generation in the workforce.

How can I “like” everyone because most of the people I don’t like and I will like them but I don’t now as? —Jon

You don’t have to ‘like’ everyone, but partnering with people who have different talents can help you in your life. People are sharp and partnerships/groups need to be well rounded.

What did you study at university? Plus any advice for entrepreneurial minded students as to what studies to pursue? —Hiruni

I studied Marketing at University. All of my jobs and work opportunities afterwards have come through people. I would suggest business, but get experience. Work in any sort of industry that interests you. Ask great questions, and find people to direct you.

Currently, I am an owner of startup project and i am on stage of creating prototype of product. I would like to know should I start preparing PR strategy? My target customers are Cafes and Restaurants, and what is the best way to attract them to buy my product? Which marketing strategy would you recommend to use? I am going to launch the product on January 2018. —Elnara

You rock. Congrats. Have you done an investigation? I would start with asking some Cafes & Restaurants – would sort of hardware do you buy now? What is your price point? What do you look for when purchasing? Who makes those decisions? Afterwards you could send out flyers, have a launch party, or walk into those Cafes like a warm walk-in.

I like the concept of your business, do you think that we millennial are well represented at the workplace? What are some of the main challenges we are faced? —Kwanele

Thank you. I think that we are represented poorly because of the misunderstandings in the workplace. We face communication and expectation problems. Generational differences are massive, but we all need to come to the party and change our ways of thinking.

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I think I'm talented for understanding in general. How can I be constructive with this talent? —Ryma

What a great talent. I would stay to turn it into a strength learn good questions, put yourself in situations where you need to communicate to the whole group a summary, and build a story portfolio of how to translate your understanding effectively.

Talking of turning strengths into talents, should people with the talent for entrepreneurship go to college? Or should they just get to work starting companies (As you mentioned to me earlier to have more work experience)? Because as a majority of the incredibly talented entrepreneurs are college dropouts. —Hiruni

It’s all about the compound education – so if you want to get your college degree why? Is there something else that will give you more experience or opportunities? What do you want to do? Have you started a business before?

How can I attract people? Also, how can I make a trade mark of myself? —Elza

Why don’t you start with your friends and family and ask them what they love to hear you speak about? Then do you research and see if people would pay you speak about it. Also you need credentials behind your name and brand (social media presence, books, past speaking engagements, companies and people vouching for you).

How do you deal with patience? During a hard period of failing. —Ryma

I focus on the WHY. Surround myself with people who are encouraging and supportive. I struggled at first with partnering with Universities, and redirected to companies. Now I have universities that I’m working with.

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How can I start my business if I’m bad at marketing? —Elza

Keep on doing a great job. Partnering with people who can help you with marketing would help too! I use others for their skills and talents that I don’t have.

I have already started up an online business in my country, and I have managed to gather customers within a short period and I’m happy. Currently I’m in my second year of business management degree, I look forward to work more on my business. I’m not much of a social person but I’m becoming better and I love public speaking and I get along with people well so far, I want to be like you to encourage students like this one day. Could you give us some advices to be confident and take risk when people around you give negative thoughts thinking you’ll fail? —Hiruni

I would say find multiple sources of inspiration – books, exercise, travel, people, etc. Deep breaths and passion behind confidence. Just remember that life is very short, so don’t waste time. Just DO IT! And if you fail you just learned what not to do.

Topic Entrepreneurship
Date November 9, 2017