Topic Yale Young Global Scholars program
Date September 11, 2017

Yale Young Global Scholars program with Pia Balaka

Pia Balaka is an international student from Austira. She is also an alumni of the highly selective Yale Young Global Scholars program (YYGS). The program is two weeks long and held on the Yale University campus. The YYGS program attracts students from all over the world.

On September 11th 2017, Pia hosted a live 30 minute Q&A session on Goodwall talking about the YYGS program. The session was attended by over 140 students from around the world.

Could you provide general info regarding the program? —Melis

Of course! It is a great program where the students live on the Yale campus for two weeks, learning new things in their favourite topic!

Hi, is there an e-mail or phone number which I can call if I need a scholarship to attend? —Edith

If you need a scholarship to attend the program, you just have to fill in the financial aid form in your application and hopefully, you get provided with a generous scholarship.

How can we register? —Aman

I don’t know if the new application cycle already started, but you can apply through the YYGS homepage.

Are there any scholarships for non US citizens and how many are there in total? —Eloisa

Everyone is eligible for a scholarship so don’t worry. Students from all different financial backgrounds can get scholarships.

What are the necessary grade scores? —Nina

I don’t think there are specific grades needed. My grades are not the best, and I still got into the program. So again, don’t worry too much!

Does the program accept college students? —Yara

Unfortunately, the program is only for high school students.

When will the applications go live? —Seyed

I think in October.

What is the program about? —Wail

It’s about experiencing university! So we attended lectures by prestigious professors, we had seminars by awesome students of the university and we lived on campus!

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Are scholarships just for US citizens? —Omar

No, they are for everyone.

What type of forms or grades I need? —Ariana

You have to provide your school transcript, a resume and if you need financial aid you need to proof your financial status.

What exactly do you mean by school transcript? —Seyed

The official document where your grades are written on.

What does it take to get into a program? —Belinda

That’s a difficult question to answer but, I would say probably motivation and interest in the subject.

Is the Engineering session included in the scholarship? —Rivania

Every session provides proper financial aid.

Can you elaborate on the type of program and stuff we might expect? Like what activities are going to happen and that type of stuff? —Seyed

Great question! We had a tight schedule, we worked on our own (“Capstone”) project, we attended lectures and seminars and also had time to visit the places on campus. You can go on the YYGS website for more information.

Does the scholarship cover flight tickets? —Omar

Unfortunately, flights are not included in scholarships.

Does the program offer opportunities for Engineering? —Mostafa

Yes! There is an Engineering program.

Is it for High schoolers only? —Besma

Yes it is.

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Do you keep in touch with those you did the program with? —Vijay

Yes I do, but it is very difficult to stay in touch only through social media and whatsapp. But I hope we will meet again some day!

Are there any research activities? —Omar

Yes we visited labs and spoke to the scientists at Yale University.

Does your extracurriculars affect which program you choose? For example I’m stronger on maths/physics/Robotics but I want to try Biological & Biomedical Science. Should I choose Biomedical or should I stick with Frontiers of math or ASE? —Edwin

You can choose up to three choices, so if you’re not sure in what session you want to go, you can let Yale decide.

Topic Yale Young Global Scholars program
Date September 11, 2017