Topic Oxford and Entrepreneurship
Date September 28, 2017
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Oxford and Entrepreneurship with Ravi Janapureddy

Ravi Janapureddy is an Oxford MBA graduate, Entrepreneur, Engineer and ex-Management Consultant.

On the 28th of September 2017, Ravi hosted a live Q&A session on Goodwall talking about getting into Oxford and his previous works in start-ups in India. The session was joined by over 125 students from around the world.

Could you tell us how is the application and selection process to an MBA Oxford? —Piturlea
Is there a chance for Saudi students to study at Oxford? What are the qualifications? —Ataa

Yes absolutely! This year we have many colleagues from the Middle East!

Is a C2 english diploma necessary for a French student? —Yasmine

You will need TOEFL.

How's the medicine school in oxford? Are there notable initiatives or platforms by/for students? And are there cross faculty projects say, medical students working with different schools of engineering to come up with products? —Ryan

The medical school is famous for its world-class research. Would absolutely recommend.

Do you think that it is harder to get into oxford for graduate studies if you haven't been there as an undergraduate? —Svea

No, it is not hard. I did not do an undergrad at Oxford. It depends on your profile, work experience, achievements etc.

How did you get into Oxford? Also can you provide us a little information about undergraduate courses and entry requirement hints and difficulties for an IB DP student? —Vaibhav

I had work experience in Strategy Consulting and build startups in India. This helped me get into the programme that I did there.

Is Oxford expensive? How did you manage it? —Dawood

I did my MBA at Oxford. Yes, it is expensive but you could get a scholarship depending on your achievements.

Would you say Oxford is favourable to international applicants in terms of scholarships? —Shirley

Most of the Oxford scholarships go to international candidates subject to achievements.

What tests do people from abroad need to do to get to Oxford and which scores? —Danielle

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What kind of startups did you do in India? —Ryan

I worked with a biotech firm and also a farm-to-fork solutions firm.

Should we mention in our personal statement why we took a gap year? Or why we want to study abroad in UK? —Piturlea

Yes. Mention anything which would add value to your application.

Do you think business career with a major in entrepreneurship is a good selection for the future? —Juan Pablo

Yes, entrepreneurship seems to be the future of many sectors.

Is Oxford University or Cambridge University more specialised in scientific and engineering courses? —Anni

Oxford is known for its humanities, science courses and Cambridge is more known for tech.

Which level of english you need to know to go to Oxford? —Liubomir

You need good scores in the TOEFL.

What is Oxford offering in terms of architectural programmes? —Sougat

I am a management student so I cannot speak for the architectural programmes.


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Is oxford a good school to apply to for Economics and Marketing or should I aim for London School of Economics (LSE)? —Ishika

Both are good schools, I suggest that you apply to both and then decide post offer!

I want to study medicine in abroad that's why I'm doing IB diploma and I live in Turkey. Does Oxford provide scholarships for medicine course? —Mehmet

Yes, all colleges in Oxford have scholarships for diversity students.

What is the difference between Oxford university and Oxford college? —Danielle

University is formed of many colleges.

Will my chances of getting into oxford increase if I attend the oxford summer school? —Maham

Yes. when you are here you can personally visit schools and make a good impression.

What is the culture like in Oxford, and the city as well? —Vanessa

Great culture for students . Happening place for innovation and for learning.

Is investment banking growing in upcoming years or it’s market is saturated? What do you think? —Kshitij

I think that investment banking will be around for the next decade.

I want to do a course on Retail management or business management or something around that area. What resources can be of help to me in deciding the program? —Ahmed I recommend having a look at all the programs!

Will the UK government finance the European students after Brexit? —Piturlea

Yes, at least until the negotiations are finalized.

Where did you apply to other than Oxford? —Niall

I applied to IE, ISB and Cambridge.

Could you apply to both Cambridge and Oxford at the same time? I thought that it is impossible. —Piturlea

You can! They are independent universities so there isn’t a problem.

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If I'm from abroad and I'm doing the tests as specified in the link you sent then the grades I got in high school are not considered or do they still look at those? —Danielle

When I applied, they asked for my grades.

Can anyone get in any business school of Oxford without taking SAT II? —Meryam

I took GMAT and TOEFL. Refer to the application requirements please.

Do you recommend London Business School or Oxford for a master in management and economics? —Piturlea

LBS is 2 year whereas Oxford 1 year.

I know there are summer business programmes organised by Cambridge, Oxford and many such great institutions. I wanted to know is it worth spending so much? If I go to these summer programmes it costs around £8000. —Kshitij

It depends on the program and the value it can bring you in your career.

Topic Oxford and Entrepreneurship
Date September 28, 2017
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