Sarah Bomhard - Central Saint Martins
Topic Fashion at Central Saint Martins
Date April 24, 2017

Fashion at Central Saint Martins with Sarah Bomhard

Sarah Bomhard is a second year international student at leading fashion school Central Saint Martins (CSM) in London, England. Where she is studying fashion, communications and promotions. Prior to transferring to CSM, Sarah studied communications at the University of Miami.

On April 24th 2017, Sarah hosted a live Q&A session on Goodwall. The session was joined by students from over 15 different countries.

"I think fashion students are different in the way that they prioritise. For them the creativity definitely comes before anything else."

What were the requirements for you to get in to Central Saint Martins? —Jane

I actually started at Central Saint Martins (CSM) as an exchange student coming from the University of Miami and when I applied for to CSM I had to make a portfolio. After my year at CSM as an exchange student, I just really loved it and was lucky enough that my tutors believed in me and asked me to stay. That’s how I ended up at CSM!

How did you get into the school, did you do fashion shows, shoot video clips showing your designs? What did you do exactly? —Emiliana

Well because I applied as an exchange student the process was slightly different for me than for others applying directly to the course but I had to write a personal statement and submit my portfolio which consisted of written works about fashion and my own fashion photography of external projects that I had just done for myself.

With regard to the portfolio, it’s VERY important to only show recent work and work that you are very passionate about. The portfolio is different for everyone because not everyone wants the same job after the degree. For example, if you want to be a fashion photographer your portfolio will be mostly photographs and not written content or other examples of work that don’t communicate your skills as a photographer.

What kind of portfolio did you have to make? —Ashley

Because everything happens online today the University of the Arts London requests ONLY digital portfolios.

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What other Fashion schools did you consider? —Vijay

I didn’t actually consider any other fashion schools just because Central Saint Martins is the best in the world and I didn’t want to take a risk by studying something creative and not attending the best university for what I wanted to do. It was a pure luck thing that I got in. Central Saint Martins is incredibly selective.

What do you have to submit when applying to fashion university? —Adna

That really depends on what university. I would check their individual websites to find out.

So if I want to apply for the course as a designer I must have photos of my designs and different works that relate to designing...or what should i do exactly? —Emiliana

If you want to be a designer, you must display professional photographs in your portfolio. It’s best to shoot a lookbook as that looks most professional. They’ll also want to see the completed garments at an interview.

Could you briefly walk us through a typical day for you at fashion school? —Bruno

Of course! So the way our course is structured is that we do not have classes. Our schedule is determined by whatever projects we are doing that term. So we usually start at 9 and have a tutorial, briefing or a workshop that lasts about 3 or 4 hours and then we may have a lecture in the afternoon. However, we do all spend a lot of time in the library working so the majority of people head home at about 8pm. The building closes at 10pm.

what kind of creative skills you must have in order to get in fashion school? I love fashion and I'm pretty good at drawing but nothing professional. Do you have to have some experience before entering in fashion school? —Adna

I think a lot of skills can be taught once at university but I definitely think that it takes a certain personality to be successful at a fashion university and in a career in fashion. One must be very hardworking, proactive and willing to give everything their best.

What was made your consider this field of fashion industry? What made you want to attend a fashion school? —Syed

I decided to go to fashion school because I have always loved fashion and I wanted to be a part of the world that I have always admired from afar.

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Where do you see yourself in this industry in future years? What kind of a part would you like to play in this industry? —Syed

I definitely see myself working in fashion show production or fashion public relations (PR).

What did you have to submit in order to get in Central Saint Martins? —Adna

I had to submit a personal statement and a portfolio. However, each course has different requirements so please do check their websites.

Topic Fashion at Central Saint Martins
Date April 24, 2017