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Date May 23, 2017
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Journalism with Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray, is a writer on business, society and the environment. She is a contributing journalist for one of the biggest publications in the world, The Financial Times, as well as the Economist Group. Her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Economist.

Sarah Murray hosted a live Q&A for 30 minutes on the 23rd of May 2017. The session was joined by students from 30 different countries.

"Journalism is less about studying but more about getting out there and finding good stories."

What does the daily life of a journalist look like? —Pia

Well my daily life is pretty busy – between calling people and then writing, it’s a lot of juggling.

What is it like being a journalist? —Rubby

I feel privileged to be doing something important and lucky that people read what I write. It’s also a great job because you are constantly learning about new things.


Why do you think you chose this career? Were you passionate about it from the beginning or did someone encourage you? —G. Sneha

I think I was driven by curiosity in the world and how the world works. I love being able to talk to people who are experts in their fields and learn about their work.

Which qualities do we need to have to get recognised and rise at the career? —Evrim

Well journalism is partly about good writing – but it’s also about listening – and listening to both sides of any argument or issue.

What would you recommend for young people to read to improve their writing? —Samuel

One thing to think about when writing, particularly for journalism, is that if you can’t say it, or it sounds strange when you’re saying it, you probably should edit it – keep language simple and clear. And explain everything – ¬†as journalists we should never assume people already know what we are talking about.

Do you think if I take a major in university that has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but a minor in say journalism or creative writing, I could still obtain a job in writing with a company or would it be better to be independent? —Iman

The good news is that people still want to read intelligent analysis so yes, you can work as a writer within a company – but there’s also nothing to stop you being a blogger.

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How is life as a journalist on the whole? How do you deal with the negativity that journalist often receive? —Kelifa

In my type of journalism (writing about business and society) it’s less controversial but I worry about negative impressions of journalism since having good journalism is so critical to a healthy democracy.

Did you ever think about stepping back because of negative comments? —Monica

No never. I’ve been lucky enough not to receive many. And I’m lucky to be writing for a newspaper that is well respected. One thing to think about generally is why you want to be a journalist – what are the important stories to tell? What do you feel passionately about?

I have a question I ask all journalist I meet, do you prefer BBC or CNN and why? —Bjorn

Being British, I am loyal to the BBC! But I also think they do an important job in providing unbiased (usually) news and facts. I love BBC Radio 4 and some of the music programmes too.

How do you push through on days that you can't seem to get a story or put one together? —Kelifa

One thing about journalism is that you have deadlines – it’s tough because you have to write even when you don’t feel like it – but for me the deadlines help with that – I just have to get it done.

What would you say is the proudest moment in your career? —Bruno

I can’t think of a single moment right now, but for several years I wrote about business and the environment and society – and was very proud to think that my work might be influencing companies to think about their environmental and social footprints.

How important is money in consideration to the day to day living? —Shan

Sadly we can’t live without money! But if I’d wanted to be rich I would have chosen a different career.

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There is growing violence against journalists in many countries these days. What can we do to combat against this? —Joudi

Yes, particularly in Mexico these days. I celebrate those journalists. And one thing to think about is supporting groups like PEN that work to protect writers in difficult places.

How's the market looking for journalists? Will there be more job opportunities in say about 5 years time or do you think it'll regress? —Iman

The market for journalists is very difficult right now – it’s changing dramatically after moving online. So there are more opportunities to write – but it won’t be as easy to make money doing it.


Do you think that your job is primarily to educate people on what's happening in the world or is it more to give your own personal view ? (I guess it also depends on the audience) —Bjorn

In my writing, I’m primarily informing. But in the media there are also columnists and they would express their own opinions.


Topic Journalism
Date May 23, 2017
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