Topic Rhythmic Gymnastics
Date August 28, 2017
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Rhythmic Gymnastics with Vera Perederii

Vera Perederii is a former Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast, who represented Ukraine at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. She is now a Youth Olympic Games ambassador working on a project aimed at youth self-development.

On the 28th of August 2017, Vera hosted a 30 minute Q&A session on Goodwall answering questions about what it is like to be a professional athlete and participating in the Olympics. The session was attended by 124 students from around the world.

Where are you from? —Christina

I’m from Lviv, Ukraine.

Which Olympics did you compete in? —Haya

I competed in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

What was your motivation to wake up everyday and work harder than the day before? —Lucas

My dream and understanding was that I have to become better and better!

How dangerous is this sport? Have you ever got hurt? —Samucis

It isn’t dangerous actually, Rhythmic Gymnastics gives a lot of good things for girls such as figure, grace and so on!

I am still 17 and lots of options are in my head and I am afraid my choice might be wrong, how did you know you’re doing what is right for you? —Mohamed

In my opinion, you have to try before you think that you are wrong. So follow your dream and good luck!

How do you manage to balance the demands from life for example work, education etc. with the demands from your sporting career? —Amelia

I retired in 2009, during the career period all my time was concentrate at the training. This was because sport and gymnastics are very hard daily work. So unfortunately, there was no balance between the education, work and sport. It was just sport and getting the result!

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How did the Olympic positively changed your life,Vera? Also, do you think sports is a very important part of life? Do you have any advice for those who can't do a sport because of some reason? —Sammy

Thank for such great questions, sport for me really is all that I am today. It is my work at the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. It is my status as a member of the International Olympic Committee Commission. It is my husband, whom I met when I was  studying about the sports management at Olympic University. So I’m truly fan of sport and Olympic movement! It gives a lot if you work for it!  To the people who can’t do sport of some reason there a lot of advises – such as, they can be in sport not as an athlete for example – sport manager, sport doctor, sport fan, sport director,public relations of sport. The main thing is – you have to want it!

Vera, how could I become better like you? —Salifu

It is daily work!  Work for yourself, the one of the hardest things – be your own motivation to win! If you do it daily, you will become better!

Can I start Rhythmic Gymnastics now? I'm 17 years old. —Samucis

You can but just for yourself (not competitively), competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics is usually started for girls at the age 4-5 years.

Tell us about a difficult time in your career. —Sonu

For me, there was no difficult time! I enjoyed every moment of it, because sport is my life!

How do you feel about the fame of other sports compared to yours? What I mean is that the other sports are much more spoken of in the media compared to Rhythmic Gymnastics. —Lucas

Today I can change it! So as an International Olympic Committee (IOC) commission member I will do my best for promote my sport!

Do we require any mandatory degree along with being an athlete? —Aman

That, you have to decide for yourself!

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What's life like as an Olympic champion? —Mohammad

Olympic Champions are simple people. They know what hard work is, and how to achieve their goals! After their sport career, they trying to promote their sport and vision through at a grassroot level.

How do you avoid procrastination and various distractions? —Janya

During the training process, you have to concentrate on your main dream! You have to understand that if you will not avoid procrastination and various distractions it will give you nothing good. So during the training it has to be training, after it you can think about something else.

Topic Rhythmic Gymnastics
Date August 28, 2017
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