Xavier Morin - Applying to Yale
Topic Applying to Yale
Date June 6, 2017
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Applying to Yale with Xavier Morin

Xavier Morin is a Yale MBA student with a background in Physics & Entrepreneurship who has also hosted TEDx talks. He was also announced as a finalist of Yale Start-up, a competition where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges.

On the 6th of June 2017, Xavier hosted a 30 minute live Q&A session of Goodwall. The session was joined by over 250 students from around the world.

"With a great profile, you can get in whatever your background."

Is it difficult to get in Yale? Also , can one get a 100% scholarship? —Jivesh

It is very competitive so you have to play the numbers game (i.e. apply to several universities) even if one is your favorite.

There is no perfect recipe to get in but I would say that a few criteria to get into Yale are: a genuine interest in the school (not just for the name), high accomplishments yet modesty, a good team player and willingness to integrate yourself.

Basically someone you would like to sit down and have a coffee. I am at the School of Management, which has some other specifics I can give if anyone is interested.

In case I got accepted to Yale, can I take a gap year and then join the university? —Yahya

It all depends on admissions. If you have a very good reason probably, otherwise they will just wonder why you didn’t apply a year later.

How do you get scholarships to get into Ivy Leagues? —Apoorva

Scholarships depend on a number of criteria, including accomplishments, diversity (gender, race, sexual orientation, …) and aspirations.

What is medical research like in the US? How easy is it to get into a PhD programme? —Daanyaal

That is not really my area of expertise but Yale has a great program. That’s all I can tell you.

How does a non US resident student get a scholarship for an Ivy League University? Is it at all possible? —Agrima

Yes you can get one. Some are reserved for US residents, some for foreigners, some again depend on other criteria.

I would just check out the list published on each University’s website.

What should your GPA be in order to get in Yale? —Claudette

There is no set GPA. Too low of a GPA will raise questions but you might justify it with other accomplishments or extenuating circumstances.

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What kind of stress levels would you say you have on an average day? —Kyle

Stress levels tend to vary from program to program. For example, our first MBA semester was quite heavy but the second semester was bit slower.

Is there any chance Yale accepts transfer students from other countries for their physics department? If so, what do you have to do to be eligible? —John

Sure, I don’t see why not. A good letter of recommendation is a start. Get in touch with the professors you are interested in working with and make a case!


I just want to know what the background in Yale is and how determined and gifted we have to be to get in, because even good grades don't always get us in. What can I write in my application? —Zebah

You are absolutely right, good grades are not enough. Show how you made an impact to the world around you. You don’t need to be superman, everybody can show commitment.

Is it really worth the tuition? —Fiona

It all depends on your aspiration. You can have a great life without Yale but I don’t think you’ll regret coming.

Is there any chance for African students to apply and get into the university? —Maya

Sure, absolutely, why not? You’ll have the advantage of diversity!

Can I study medicine at Yale University? —Fardin

Yes they have a great department.

Is Yale better than Harvard? —Prerna

Depends on areas. You can’t go wrong with any of the top US universities (this includes MIT, Stanford, etc.)

What made you want to study management and what would you like to do after college? —Amelia

I had studied a Master in Entrepreneurship but wanted a broader business background and was really looking for a more international experience. My studies had all been in Europe. I hope to get my 2 entrepreneurial projects running. One is https://yourfreebooking.com/  and the other is here.

What's the most crucial part when applying to Yale? —Enguun

Have a well rounded application and not having any big question marks. It’s better to be 90% everywhere than 100% on one thing and 0% on another.

What if someone has no traditional education but instead have a high level achievements and accomplishments? Could they still get into Yale? —Mahzen

That might work if you articulate it well in your essays and application.

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Is it completely necessary to be well-rounded? My specific interest lies in English and I can hardly do maths. I'm concerned about my SAT Maths - I don't think I'll be able to get a good score there but I'm confident with English. Would that sabotage my chances? —Anindita

Yes, well-rounded is strongly preferred. There can be some degree of variance but they might be more open for consideration depending on the field you are applying in. For business school well-rounded is a strong requirement.

My general advice is:
1) Work your essays. Make other people read them.
2) Try to show what moves you in life.
3) Try to answer the question: if I had a 100 people asking me out for a coffee. Why should I go with you?
4) Don’t be arrogant or cocky.

Topic Applying to Yale
Date June 6, 2017
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